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Life Coach

Life Coach

- Do you feel there should be more to life?
- Do you lack self-esteem?
- Do you avoid actions or conversations?
- Do you need to make a decision?
- Do you focus on what you haven't got rather than what is positive in your life?
- Are you facing change?
- Do you feel anxious?
- Are you looking after others more than after yourself?
- Have you suffered a loss (bereavement, redundancy, illness, relationship) and feel you are 'stuck' in the loss?

- Working with a life coach enables you to appreciate what is already positive in your life, visualise what you would like to improve, make plans, be focused, committed and take action. As a coach I continue to motivate and provide support when challenges and negative beliefs prevent you from acting in your best interests. The partnership between us relies on open and honest communication, on your determination to take action and my belief in you. Working with me, we will look at the positives in you and your life thereby building on your self-esteem, which will allow you to believe that you deserve and can achieve greater satisfaction in your life. I also run workshops on general goal setting, self-esteem, assertiveness, positive thinking and dealing with bereavement.

Are you willing to?

- Acknowledge what is good in your life?
- Acknowledge your strengths?
- Improve aspects of your life?
- Improve the quality of your thoughts?
- Look at any self-defeating behaviours and thoughts that limit you?
- Invest in yourself financially?
- Stop tolerating what isn't working in your life?
- Focus on the future rather than the past?

We often have a vision of our ideal world, of actions we will take. But what happens? What are your excuses? Do you want reasons for not doing things, or results? As your life coach, I will support your positive thinking, challenge your negative thinking and guide you towards finding the motivation and commitment to take constructive action.

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